Monday, September 16, 2013


This look was a homage to StarCraft (modelled by my sister). It took a bit of preparation; I made the spines out of sculpey and attached them to her forehead using scar wax. It was only for one photo shoot so there was no real prosthetic made for her face, but unfortunately even in that short amount of time the wax began to melt and the spines started to slide down. Still made for a neat looking photo however, definitely one of my favourites!

She's dead, Jim...

Older shoot, very cold that day. This make-up was fun, you can get some very creepy effects with some purple-grey mottling. This was done with simple eye-shadows, you don't need expensive theatrical make-up to create truly ghastly effects. Thanks for putting up with me Jaime!


This is a chemical burn/wound created with only a thin layer of liquid latex pulled up to create these effects. Brush some fake blood on/underneath the edges of the latex to give it the fresh painful look. Very easy and effective make-up!


Another old shoot. I never get sick of throwing fake blood on my models! This was done in the fall, and the poor girl had to deal with being covered in fake blood and water in the cold. She's a trooper!

Bad Luck

Very old picture, maybe around 2008. Just showcasing what you can do in no time with some scar wax and fake blood.

There's something in your eye...

This was a fun shoot (bit of a throwback, this was around 2011 I think), my model Jaime puts up with so much from me. I created the stick/blood prop beforehand (the stick itself is attached to a small foam piece to protect her eye) and she is holding it in place as I take the picture. I love using natural elements in my photo shoots, and organic wood/stone just adds the perfect touch! Very gruesome, just is the way I like it!

Simple Zombie

Zombie face first post!!! Created with simple materials: liquid latex, fake blood and regular face make-up. Just in time for the Halloween season! (Model is my lovely sister Ashley, though not so lovely in this picture :S)