Thursday, October 17, 2013

Demon Monster Mask

This mask is my creation for my strolling character at a Halloween haunt. It is based on my own design, and I wear a black robe with chains and have Hans (my zombie head on a stick) with me. It's a fun costume, and can be pretty freaky in the dark.

The mask was sculpted with papier mache. I would have preferred to make a latex mask for much more detail, but I didn't have the cash at the time. He has a separate jaw that is attached with elastic that allows me to move his mouth when I move mine. Here is an earlier picture while I was putting the first few coats of paint on him:

His horns are thin sheets of craft foam rolled into shape and painted, and the teeth and small spikes on his head are sculpted with Sculpey. I love translucent Sculpey for sculpting teeth and claws, you can get a much more natural look than with white. I also like adding a few layers of gloss to the teeth and mouth whenever I make a creature like this because Sculpey can be pretty brittle, and it gives the mouth a good slobbery look!

This mask actually has a full head of hair (you can see some I glued on in front of his ears (and some poking out of his mouth in this shot..whoops..). I attached a full wig to the back of his head, but it didn't give me the coverage I wanted in my costume (my ears and neck were too visible for my liking) so I attached a piece of black cloth as a hood last minute.

Here you can see what his mouth looks like open (I swear his hair isn't supposed to be in his mouth!), when my face is painted black underneath it looks pretty great! I've worn this mask a few weekends now and he's been getting some wear and tear (can see some spots of paint rubbing off on the ears, and I've had to fix his jaw once so far) but it's surprisingly comfortable.