Thursday, December 5, 2013

Scar Wax Elf Ears

This is an older post I had put on my facebook makeup page (I pasted it straight from facebook, so the font is a little messed up). How to make scar wax elf ears easily! I used these for photo shoots and costumes, super easy and effective without breaking the bank!

1. Start with a small penny-size blob of the nose and scar wax. Usually I don't need more than that for one small elf ear.

2. Apply spirit gum to the top of the ear, making sure to get it into the creases of the ear so the wax has something to hold on to. Lightly tap the spirit gum with a finger to make it tacky, as it will not stick properly if it is just wet.

3. Apply the wax over the ear where you want to build up the tip. You don't have to do any smoothing just yet, just mold the basic shape.

4. Make sure to put some wax in the creases as well, the more the wax has to hold onto the better.

5. Now you can start sculpting the shape of the tip, as well as smoothing out the edges. I like to use sculpting tools for this, as the heat from your fingers will cause the wax to get very sticky and near impossible to work with.

6. Usually I will make a little cardboard piece to put behind the ear to keep hair out of the wax (getiing the wax out of your hair is not fun), but a hair clip will do in a pinch.

7. After you are done your sculpting, you can add some color if you wish. I suggest using a soft brush to apply the color, as hard brushes will dent the wax and ruin all of your hard work. And then you are finished^^. If you can manage not to play with the ears while you are wearing them, they will easily last all night long.


  1. These look so amazing, I forgot about them!!!

    1. Thank you, so had I for a while! These were from 2008, I think I'll make an updated one with new styles as well! Now I just need a guinea pig...MUAHAHAHA